Vinchest is a brand dedicated to the design and production of new products.

Researching new fabrics, textures and uses. Creating products out of the box. Inventors passion is to imagine objects, think about the viability and make it real. Vinchest exists to create whatever is in our minds and, overcoat, out of it.

Creating is life

Nowadays, Vinchest creates textile products, such as bags, purses, cases, etc, with felt as the main material and ultra-strong nylon yarn to ensure durable use. But Vinchest is not just that, and it will be shown to you bit by bit.

Supervised with care

Our products are always supervised one by one to ensure the quality and resistance, and to avoid any possible defect.

Contact us

We are grateful to receive all your opinions and commentaries to improve our products and offer you new ones. You can contact us through our mail and leave your ideas or suggestions.
Thank you for your attention,

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Products out of the box

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